Bartending What Do You Need To Know

Although it isn’t high on the list of occupations that your school guidance counselor suggested, a career as a bartender is a viable option and can be lead to a very lucrative career. However, not all bartenders are created equal. If your good you can have a full time job where he can pay his rent most months out of the year. If you want to fall into the second category, there are ten important things that you need to know about bartender.

Things You Should Know Bartendingbartending

Compensation varies wildly

How much do bartenders make? That depends on the bartender. The lion’s share of a bartender’s compensation is to be found in the tip jar. Living off of gratuities can lead to a real feast-or-famine existence. While top-end bartenders in top-end establishments with a high volume of customers may take home hundreds of dollars a night, a slower venue may see the bartender struggle to reach that first hundred.

A Mixologist Must be A Drink Encyclopedia

Do you know the difference between a Sidecar and a Tom Collins? If not, you may have to hit the books. That grouchy guy you are about to serve knows exactly how to make his favorite drink but he is in no mood to tell the Bartender how to. Bartender classes may help to fill in these gaps in knowledge, but independent study is often called for so that when someone orders an obscure drink, you can impress them by whipping it up.

What Is The Requires Education

If you want to be a bartender, you can’t just hope behind the bar and slosh together some drinks. You need an education, and although said education may range between community Bartender Classes or heavily structured programs such as the LA barkeeper school it is of the utmost importance that you make a commitment to learning your craft. If you are already a busy professional looking to change careers, you may want to look into a online school program.

Where Do You Need A Certification

Bartender certification is required in most states, and often can only be attained by attending a school. mixologist school requirements vary from state to state, but if you want to gain your Bartenders license then you need to take your Mixologist school seriously. Failure to attain or maintain your certification can result in the loss of a job or more serious consequences if you are found to be without certification.

Know Your Primary Customers

As you become more seasoned you will be able to tell your primary customers from everybody else. You primary customers will always be your biggest tippers. The thing about barkeeper is that you cannot rely on a nominal amount from your employer if you fail to earn enough tips. The best way to assure that your tips keep coming is to learn their names, know their favorite drinks, even try to recall the nights of the week they typically come. Be good to your regulars and they will be good to you.

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It Can Be A Performance

Another fascinating thing about mixologist is that it can be a performance, and most successful bartenders to integrate a degree of theatricality into the way that they present themselves to customers. This can vary from simple juggling limes or other feats of dexterity to over-the-top Coyote Ugly bar dancing. If you have a gimmick or a flair for the dramatic, whether it may be quoting Shakespeare of doing magic tricks, integrating this performance art into your barkeep repertoire can help to gain you a following that will lead to those big tips that you are depending on.

You Must Be A Good Listener

Although some believe this to be a stereotype, this has a basis in fact. Part of the story is that talking to a bartender is cheaper than therapy, but from the bartender’s point of view listening to the customer serves more than one purpose. For purposes of intoxication, it is fairly difficult to tell who is and who is not just from looking at them. However, it is much easier to tell if someone is too far gone and needs to be cut off by listening to them.

A Professional Never Over-Serves

although some unscrupulous bartenders have no problems continuing to serve customers just as long as they are tipping, few things will lose you your livelihood faster than this practice. Over-serving customers may result in losing your license, losing your job, or even result in criminal charges. Resist the temptation to give that happy drunk just one more drink because he put an Andrew Jackson in your tip jar. In the long run it is not worth it.

Never sample your own product

If you have had problems with alcohol in the past you may think that getting a job as a bartender may not be the best career move. However, many bartenders have said that nothing keeps them sober quite as much as their jobs. Seeing other people continuously when they are drunk can often disenchant even the most fun loving person in the bar. It is imperative that you keep observing your customers behavior no matter how embarrassing it may be. Few things will keep you from drinking quite as much as remembering what others would rather forget.

Have fun!

You have to seem to be having fun even if you have to fake it. This may seem like a given, but it is crucial that you have fun on your job. It is the bartenders that don’t seem like they are having fun that never seem to make the tips.

If you are able to take these things to heart, you will find that mixologist is one of the most rewarding career fields that you can enter. It is truly a career where what you get out of it depends on how much you put into it.